"Doubting Thomas" Project: Lucid Dreaming, Out-Of-Body-Experience and Astral Travel for sceptics

“Bullshit, drivel, scam, rubbish, no such thing..!”
If that what you think about Lucid Dreaming, OOBE and Astral Travel – we are looking for YOU, we want YOU! 

Please, read below and apply for this project!

Two days online course, 3 hours each day. It will be free for you!

The Objectives

To teach and train the project’s participants, sceptical to the subject, to achieve the following results:

  • To experience an intentional separation from their physical body;
  •  To carry out a predefined task after the separation;
  • To be able to fly, meet someone and to relocate to another place in that state.


  • Out-Of-Body-Experience (OOBE): feeling of getting out of your body and keeping your conscious perceptions and memories after the separation;
  • Astral projection/travel: all your conscious actions after the OOBE;
  • Lucid dreaming: complete understanding that everything what happens to you is a dream, while being able to control the surroundings and narrative, and having a wake-like senses of tactility, taste and smell.

Who can apply?

We need up to 10 participants, who do not believe that objectives above are possible. The more sceptical you are, the better! 
You should have a good command of English.

All we ask you to do is to share this page on at least one of your social media and send us the link. So that we can check your social profile and decide if you really are a “Doubting Thomas” we are looking for.

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What's next?

When we have enough applicants we will contact them all with a few time slots and choose one convinient for most people.

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