Lucid Dreaming, Out-of-Body Experience, Astral projection

“The only super power available to everyone!”

Michael Raduga, founder of OOBE Research Center

Did you know that EVERYONE can learn to stay in the borderland between dream and wakefulness? In that state, we have access to the incredible creative power that our brain possesses. It can therefore model for us all sorts of fantastic environments and events at our wish. At the same time, we retain the awake consciousness that gives us all the senses to perceive it like a real life. This is a lucid dream and it means unlimited possibilities for you to experience!


Lucid dreams, Out-of-Body Experiences (OOBE), astral travel – the phenomenon has many names and also numerous myths and misconceptions around it. We explain how it works so YOU can master it. The opportunities that will open up for you are trully  fantastic.

Out of Body Experience (OOBE)

What can you do in a lucid dream? ...after just 2 days of our course

Think of a world where there are only your laws. You decide on everything from the force of gravity to rules of morality. No limits, but your imagination. Before going to bed you decide what, where and how you want to experience this time. Inside a lucid dream, you will always remember your plan and can then realize it.

Already after two days, most of the course participants will be able to have lucid dreams at 2-3 occasions per week. I.e., to keep an awake consciousness, feel the taste, smell and tactility, while controlling the action, creating surroundings, moving in space and time, flying, changing shape, etc. Up to 100% of the course participants should be able to achieve the same results with continued self-training using the course materials.

You are welcome to attend our free webinar where we introduce you to the phenomenon. We tell you more about the technique you will learn during the course and will answer your questions. The webinar duration is about two hours.

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